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[quote] “The love in our family grows strong and deep leaving special moments to treasure and keep” – Unknown  [/quote]

I’ve known Corne for sometime and always when we talk family sessions, her answer would be soon. Well finally soon is here and all this friend of mine wanted for her birthday was a extended family shoot.

We had a ball capturing all the different family dynamics and I could definitely see “The love in our family grows strong and deep leaving special moments to treasure and keep”

Cornè enjoy your moments and treasure the special family you have.


SSP151114 - Corne Family-3 SSP151114 - Corne Family-4 SSP151114 - Corne Family-9 SSP151114 - Corne Family-16 SSP151114 - Corne Family-18 SSP151114 - Corne Family-23 SSP151114 - Corne Family-33 SSP151114 - Corne Family-49 SSP151114 - Corne Family-56 SSP151114 - Corne Family-65 SSP151114 - Corne Family-71 SSP151114 - Corne Family-75 SSP151114 - Corne Family-82 SSP151114 - Corne Family-86 SSP151114 - Corne Family-102





Newborn | Hanrè

[quote] “A happy baby has shining eyes. It walks open hearted into the world and spreads magic” – Sigrid Leo [/quote]

Meet smiling Hanrè,  he’s only 8 days old but already smiles like a pro and he’s got the most adorable dimple I have ever seen.

Hanrè has definitely got shining eyes to go with those little smiles and if I look at the magic he has already spread in his home, this smiling buddy is destined for big things!

Boshoff’s enjoy your newest edition and may he keep on spreading magic in your home and hearts


SSP151101 Hanrè Newborn-6 SSP151101 Hanrè Newborn-10 SSP151101 Hanrè Newborn-16 SSP151101 Hanrè Newborn-21 SSP151101 Hanrè Newborn-28 SSP151101 Hanrè Newborn-44 SSP151101 Hanrè Newborn-47 SSP151101 Hanrè Newborn-49 SSP151101 Hanrè Newborn-53 SSP151101 Hanrè Newborn-56 SSP151101 Hanrè Newborn-64 SSP151101 Hanrè Newborn-67 SSP151101 Hanrè Newborn-73 SSP151101 Hanrè Newborn-83 SSP151101 Hanrè Newborn-86 SSP151101 Hanrè Newborn-87 SSP151101 Hanrè Newborn-99 SSP151101 Hanrè Newborn-106 SSP151101 Hanrè Newborn-115 SSP151101 Hanrè Newborn-120

Newborn | Olivia

[quote] “The jewel of the sky is the sun, the jewel of the house is the child” – Chinese saying [/quote]

It was such a blessing being apart of Bernadette & Charl’s journey to meeting their jewel. I first met up with them at UJ’s sport field for their maternity session. If you missed it, here is the link M&C’s Maternity.  As you can remember we had a lot of fun. Our next get together was when this little munchkin was born a few weeks back. Here is the link to that awesome story – The Birth of Olivia . ….. Now for a proper look at Miss Olivia.

At only 8 days old she has her mom and daddy wrapped around those tiny fingers. From what I hear even Ouma and Oupa are all jelly legged when this little one is around.  Then again I think that’s exactly the way it is suppose to be.

Enjoy every single moment you spend with your “jewel”


SSP151029 Olivia Newborn-15 SSP151029 Olivia Newborn-25 SSP151029 Olivia Newborn-40 SSP151029 Olivia Newborn-51 SSP151029 Olivia Newborn-52 SSP151029 Olivia Newborn-53 SSP151029 Olivia Newborn-55 SSP151029 Olivia Newborn-65 SSP151029 Olivia Newborn-68 SSP151029 Olivia Newborn-73 SSP151029 Olivia Newborn-86 SSP151029 Olivia Newborn-93 SSP151029 Olivia Newborn-96 SSP151029 Olivia Newborn-104 SSP151029 Olivia Newborn-111 SSP151029 Olivia Newborn-114 SSP151029 Olivia Newborn-134


Birth | Olivia

[quote]”Let her sleep for when she wakes she will move mountains” – Unknown [/quote]

Charl & Bernadette welcomed their little bundle on a grey afternoon, which was actually very strange for this time of year. Little Olivia was greeted by a waiting room packed with family that were waiting anxiously to meet her.  Their first glimpse of this little princess were on a cell phone, as you will see in some of the images, and that’s just the way it goes in our technology driven world. Her new grandfather actually made a comment about how things have changes since they have had Bernadette and her twin brothers. Never the less the meeting of her new family was as special as I have seen. Ouma were in tears as Oupa was the very first one to hold her, after mom and dad.

Guys as you mentioned, let her sleep, this little one will have no problem moving those mountains with this family’s love, surrounding her, cherishing her and teaching her.

To see her Birth Slide Show follow link below

Olivia’s Birth story



_DSC5092 SSP151021 Olivia Birth-5 SSP151021 Olivia Birth-6 SSP151021 Olivia Birth-12 SSP151021 Olivia Birth-15 SSP151021 Olivia Birth-17 SSP151021 Olivia Birth-25 SSP151021 Olivia Birth-27 SSP151021 Olivia Birth-35 SSP151021 Olivia Birth-36 SSP151021 Olivia Birth-42 SSP151021 Olivia Birth-45 SSP151021 Olivia Birth-55 SSP151021 Olivia Birth-68 SSP151021 Olivia Birth-98 SSP151021 Olivia Birth-107 SSP151021 Olivia Birth-109 SSP151021 Olivia Birth-115 SSP151021 Olivia Birth-117 SSP151021 Olivia Birth-120 SSP151021 Olivia Birth-123 SSP151021 Olivia Birth-124 SSP151021 Olivia Birth-128



Matric Farewell | Eldoraigne High School

[quote] “We all create the person we become by our choices as we go through life. In a real sense, by the time we are adults, we are the sum total of the choices we have made”- Eleanor Roosevelt[/quote]

I love working with the young adults our world, I love the excitement in their eyes, the hopes and dreams for their futures, the joy and optimism in their laughter and the abundance in their way of just being. This bunch from Eldoraigne High School was no exception, you guys rocked your Matric Farewell shoot!

Good luck for your exams and always, always remember you are the choices that you make. They may not always be right but they shape you. Take responsibility for every single one, good or bad, and you will never regret a thing!



SSP151002 Eldo Matriek-29 SSP151002 Eldo Matriek-31 SSP151002 Eldo Matriek-46 SSP151002 Eldo Matriek-50 SSP151002 Eldo Matriek-52 SSP151002 Eldo Matriek-57 SSP151002 Eldo Matriek-59 SSP151002 Eldo Matriek-75 SSP151002 Eldo Matriek-77 SSP151002 Eldo Matriek-82 SSP151002 Eldo Matriek-92 SSP151002 Eldo Matriek-97 SSP151002 Eldo Matriek-110 SSP151002 Eldo Matriek-117 SSP151002 Eldo Matriek-120 SSP151002 Eldo Matriek-128 SSP151002 Eldo Matriek-132 SSP151002 Eldo Matriek-139 SSP151002 Eldo Matriek-145 SSP151002 Eldo Matriek-149 SSP151002 Eldo Matriek-156 SSP151002 Eldo Matriek-160

Wedding | Pelser & Jana

[quote] “I never loved you any more than I do, right this second. And I’ll never love you any less than I do, right this second.” – Beautiful Creatures by Kami Garcia, Margaret Stohl[/quote]

A beautiful farm wedding with the reception on Pelser’s parents wheat farm in Brits. Everything was but together gorgeously and the reception “store” even had a John Deer tractor in the back just to give you that extra farm feeling.

We were so worried about the rain. It rained for 2 days straight and no sign of any sunshine soon. We all said a little prayer, not for the rain to go away, as the farmers so desperately needed it, just for the rain to give us a few moments, and the rain stopped just as Jana got to church and started again just as we were finishing up with the couples pictures. Everything worked out just perfectly as these pictures tell their own story…



SSP150905 Pelser & Jana-3 SSP150905 Pelser & Jana-4 SSP150905 Pelser & Jana-6 SSP150905 Pelser & Jana-9 SSP150905 Pelser & Jana-15 SSP150905 Pelser & Jana-19 SSP150905 Pelser & Jana-29 SSP150905 Pelser & Jana-31 SSP150905 Pelser & Jana-35 SSP150905 Pelser & Jana-39 SSP150905 Pelser & Jana-45 SSP150905 Pelser & Jana-48 SSP150905 Pelser & Jana-53 SSP150905 Pelser & Jana-59 SSP150905 Pelser & Jana-69 SSP150905 Pelser & Jana-81 SSP150905 Pelser & Jana-92 SSP150905 Pelser & Jana-105 SSP150905 Pelser & Jana-108 SSP150905 Pelser & Jana-118 SSP150905 Pelser & Jana-127 SSP150905 Pelser & Jana-129 SSP150905 Pelser & Jana-137 SSP150905 Pelser & Jana-150 SSP150905 Pelser & Jana-223 SSP150905 Pelser & Jana-232 SSP150905 Pelser & Jana-239 SSP150905 Pelser & Jana-247 SSP150905 Pelser & Jana-253 SSP150905 Pelser & Jana-257 SSP150905 Pelser & Jana-263 SSP150905 Pelser & Jana-267 SSP150905 Pelser & Jana-278 SSP150905 Pelser & Jana-280 SSP150905 Pelser & Jana-287 SSP150905 Pelser & Jana-293 SSP150905 Pelser & Jana-296

Maternity | Bernadette & Charl

[quote]” Joy is overwhelming fun – fun so big that it overflows your mind, heart, body – as if all of life and love were spilling into you and you were spilling out.” – Bernie De Koven[/quote]

A maternity session a little different from what I’m used to, but I LOOOVVE different, it excites me, it makes the world a interesting place and this session was no different. I have never had a pregnant mama go down on her knees for a picture……

When Bernadette suggested we do their session at UJ’s Sports Arena, I was a little surprised and curios, as I already stated, I love something different. Then I heard the reason behind this venue and I was even more excited than before, as I’m a little sentimental too. Bernadette and Charl met here many moons ago and spend quite a lot of time here as athletes. Charl being a rugby player and Bernadette being a short distance athlete. The stadium holds a lot of incredibly fond memories for them and I was privileged to get to capture some more memories made here.

This session was fabulously different and incredibly fun. To B & C, your energy is contagious and your little girl is going to have a ball with a mom and dad like you. Keep laughing, keep having fun and keep loving each other just the way you do!


SSP150906 Maternity Bernadette & Charl-3 SSP150906 Maternity Bernadette & Charl-11 SSP150906 Maternity Bernadette & Charl-17 SSP150906 Maternity Bernadette & Charl-24 SSP150906 Maternity Bernadette & Charl-29 SSP150906 Maternity Bernadette & Charl-30 SSP150906 Maternity Bernadette & Charl-31 SSP150906 Maternity Bernadette & Charl-62 SSP150906 Maternity Bernadette & Charl-67 SSP150906 Maternity Bernadette & Charl-70 SSP150906 Maternity Bernadette & Charl-73 SSP150906 Maternity Bernadette & Charl-77 SSP150906 Maternity Bernadette & Charl-80

Baby | Joshua – 6 weeks

[quote] “…. when there is a prayer there is an answer, when there is faith there is a miracle …” – Unknown[/quote]

This little boy was prayed for so many times and their faith was always there from all around with family and friends all believing that this miracle will happen for them. It feels like only yesterday we found out that this little man is on his way, and now he is six weeks already!

Odette you are a wonderful mom to this little boy, I’m sure he is going to grow up to be big and strong just as his dad and have a beautiful heart just like his mom!



DSC_6875 DSC_6884-Edit DSC_6894-Edit DSC_6896-Edit DSC_6902 DSC_6929-Edit DSC_6948-Edit DSC_6959-Edit DSC_6966

Personal Blog | Moments

[quote] “Sometimes you will never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory” – Dr Suess[/quote]


I have a little more time at the moment ,emphasis on little, and I’m determine to sort out my own pictures. Starting with my, now 10 month olds,  newborn session. (I will still show you those) But I came across these, taken on the same day as the newborn session. She was only 5 days old in these photos. I could not even remember that I have taken these, but looking back in the archives these are so much more valuable to my heart than the “NEWBORN SESSION” I am so glad I have taken these. Yes your newborn sessions and annual family photos have there place, a very important place but don’t let them be the only pictures you take.

This is ouma giving her, her bath. She will never fit into ouma’s hands just like that.

I guess what I’m trying to say take photo’s every single day!

Treasure these moments and don’t look back at them right away. Leave them for a while to simmer, these moments get better as your memories fades, and I quote Dr Suess :” Sometimes you will never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory” Pictures are the only thing that is witness to your memories, don’t forget to take them ……




DSC_5477 DSC_5486 DSC_5489

Birth | Baby Aliyah Cristina Mansinho

[quote] “Whenever there is happiness,
Hope you’ll be there too,
Wherever there are friendly smiles,
Hope they’ll smile on you,
Whenever there is sunshine,
Hope it shine especially for you to make each day,
for you as bright as it can be…” – Unknown[/quote]

Meet little Aliyah, what a beautiful name, almost as beautiful as the little one carrying it. She was born on a warm winters morning in July. Her family waited in anticipation for this little one’s arrival and I have never seen such a packed “Father’s Lounge”. Celebrating her arrival with campaign, lots of laughter, hugs and cuddles.  My guess is she will be forever “packed” with love and surrounded by family and loved ones.

To view the beautiful birth video just Click on this link Birth Aliyah video or watch on YouTube here
Enjoy your princess….


SSP150706 Birth Aliyha-1 SSP150706 Birth Aliyha-4 SSP150706 Birth Aliyha-5 SSP150706 Birth Aliyha-10 SSP150706 Birth Aliyha-13 SSP150706 Birth Aliyha-14 SSP150706 Birth Aliyha-18 SSP150706 Birth Aliyha-22 SSP150706 Birth Aliyha-24 SSP150706 Birth Aliyha-33 SSP150706 Birth Aliyha-35 SSP150706 Birth Aliyha-51 SSP150706 Birth Aliyha-54 SSP150706 Birth Aliyha-57 SSP150706 Birth Aliyha-67 SSP150706 Birth Aliyha-73 SSP150706 Birth Aliyha-91 SSP150706 Birth Aliyha-96 SSP150706 Birth Aliyha-101 SSP150706 Birth Aliyha-106 SSP150706 Birth Aliyha-107 SSP150706 Birth Aliyha-145 SSP150706 Birth Aliyha-161 SSP150706 Birth Aliyha-163 SSP150706 Birth Aliyha-173 SSP150706 Birth Aliyha-191 SSP150706 Birth Aliyha-193 SSP150706 Birth Aliyha-195 SSP150706 Birth Aliyha-196 SSP150706 Birth Aliyha-197