Birth | Baby Burger Daniel v Schalkwyk

May you touch fireflies and stars, dance with fairies and talk to the man in the moon, may you grow up with gracious hearts and people who care, welcome to the world little one, it’s been waiting for you” – Unknown

Oh, what a privilege to witness and capture the first breath of a new life. It never cease to amaze me. This is the C-section birth story of baby Burger in pictures, as I can not tell the story in words…….

Meet little Burger, born on the 5th of June 2015 | 53cm| 3.84kg at Kloof Medi Clinic

SSP150605 Birth v Schalkwyk-1 SSP150605 Birth v Schalkwyk-2 SSP150605 Birth v Schalkwyk-5 SSP150605 Birth v Schalkwyk-8 SSP150605 Birth v Schalkwyk-11 SSP150605 Birth v Schalkwyk-14 SSP150605 Birth v Schalkwyk-18 SSP150605 Birth v Schalkwyk-26 SSP150605 Birth v Schalkwyk-29 SSP150605 Birth v Schalkwyk-39 SSP150605 Birth v Schalkwyk-43 SSP150605 Birth v Schalkwyk-48 SSP150605 Birth v Schalkwyk-54 SSP150605 Birth v Schalkwyk-56 SSP150605 Birth v Schalkwyk-73 SSP150605 Birth v Schalkwyk-77 SSP150605 Birth v Schalkwyk-82 SSP150605 Birth v Schalkwyk-91 SSP150605 Birth v Schalkwyk-114 SSP150605 Birth v Schalkwyk-117 SSP150605 Birth v Schalkwyk-120 SSP150605 Birth v Schalkwyk-130 SSP150605 Birth v Schalkwyk-137 SSP150605 Birth v Schalkwyk-143 SSP150605 Birth v Schalkwyk-154


Also follow this link for the beautiful slide show with some more pictures

Birth of Baby Burger – YouTube

Well I know this little one has plenty of people who were waiting for him and who adores him, so for him there will always be “gracious hearts and people who care…”



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I have had the privilege to work with many wonderful doulas and I would like to say thank you! Thank you not only for your servant heart but also for what you are doing for woman. In a place of vulnerability you aid us in being strong, in a place of insecurities you reassure, in a place of fear you speak hope!


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