Birth | Ludwig Booy

“Let choice murmur in your ear And love murmur in your heart. Be ready… here comes life.” – Unknown

As parents nothing can prepare you for the birth of a little baby, but as a photographer capturing the moment……. Wow is the only word that comes to mind, it’s life changing.

Ludwig was born with a scheduled Cesarean at the Netcare Pretoria East Hospital, so luckily we did not have the rush of making it on time to the hospital, but unfortunately because of this I was not allowed inside the delivery room as some hospitals don’t allow it at all. So if you are planning a birth photographer, please get written consent from your gynecologist as well as your hospitals maternity ward. Generally they are not as strict with normal deliveries as they are with C-sections.

Any how, I kept the proud Granny company, which by the way is my mom [It’s always handy to have a photographer in the family ;)] and I got to share in her excitement as she phoned all the friends and family with the great news that everything went well with the delivery and mom and baby is healthy and kicking.

I got to meet my little nephew just at they were wheeled from the delivery room. You will see those precious few moments when my sister was just in awe of this new little person. If you look closely you will also find a shot of the very proud aunty [me], admiring the 1st little boy of the family.

Between all the admiration, cuddles and love, i got to capture those wrinkly feet, brand new little mouth, button nose and that first bath mom missed.

These pictures tell a story that no one will ever forget but some of the pieces not every one will ever know actual happened as birth photography is there to capture the detail which are so precious but are often soon forgotten with all the excitement and awe of the birth of a new little one.

Walk with me through the absolute  of amazingness the birth of my little nephew Ludwig Albertus Booy, and the special moments when he met his two big sisters.

(All pictures published with consent of both mother and father)


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Birth | Milan Truter | Pretoria Caesarean Birth Photographer

Birth | Milan Truter | Pretoria Caesarean Birth Photographer

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