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“You see persons and things not as they are, but as you are.” – Unknow

Prior to COVID, one of the biggest concerns when booking a birth photographer for a caesarean birth, is access to theater. I’ve always felt that it’s absolutely amazing and incredible if I am allowed but you can still have an amazing birth story if I’m only allowed in for “before and after” images. Symonique took the chance and this is her story.

P.S currently birth photographers are not allowed into many of the facilities due to COVID, so please ask your birth photographer specifically about your place of birth.


Have you ever experienced a moment where everything becomes still and all you can hear is white noise and your own thoughts running around in your mind? You can hear your heart skipping beats and no this is not the in love heart beats I’m talking about but the total fear of pain and the unknown.

Let’s rewind 9 months back.

I found out that wine is something of the past.

I’m not great at mathematics but no wine times 9 months equals a baby. What a rollercoaster feeling. Will I be okay? Will the baby be okay? Where is my phone. Where is Google? Dear Google How to be a mom…..????? Uggggh what is going on???

So much emotions and uncertainties. But then the amazing happens. I told my husband the news and just like that all my fears, uncertainties melo drama actions disappeared. I felt save I felt so loved and that is when I realized. Oh my goodness we are going to be a family and everything will be okay.

So the countdown began. Doctors’ appointments, baby expo’s, room design, choosing a name (what a debate) what to eat, what not to eat… (Eating it anyways)

One day I saw on Facebook this thing called birth photography.

I read all these amazing stories and watched incredible videos of strong and powerful women bringing life in to this world. As I was crying at how beautiful and amazing this is I came across Sam’s birth photography page. Something about the way she captures every moment made me realize I don’t want to forget these moments.

So I told my husband about this idea of a birth photographer. At first he thought I was crazy and this is just a new thing and a waste of money. Very unhappy I accepted it (only for the moment) my personality doesn’t respond well to the word No. One night I asked him his concerns about birth photography. He then answered and said

Birth is supposed to be a private event a special intimate feeling. He doesn’t want someone constantly asking him to pose for pictures or stuffing their camera up his nose.

I assured him that Sam is super professional and one of her key elements is to blend in with the room and become part of the furniture ( a beautiful curtain taking pictures) you won’t even know she is there.

We had a scare and had to go to the hospital that is 120km away. Arriving there test had to be done because babies heart beat was around 189bpm. So now you understand my total fear feeling I told you about in the beginning.

The next morning everything happened so fast. I wanted to put on some make up but there was no time. One moment we were two and the next moment a baby cried and we turned into tree. No not magic but a miracle.

On 7 December 2019 our beautiful baby girl was born, healthy and save.

After a long debate we chose the name Milan which means gracious dear.

We received our pictures and videos of our special day. Thanks to Sam I can now remember every moment. Even moments were I wasn’t even present I got to experience.

Thank you Sam for your great service. Being professional and also being super supportive. Thank you for capturing the memories of such a special day. We are extremely grateful that you could be part of this day may you be blessed in what you do. Because what you do is magical. (My husband’s words mommies, they do come around)


mom looking at fetal monitor during labour of caesarean birth mom holding pregnant belly looking at fetal monitor during labour of caesarean birth mom and dad looking worriedly at fetal monitor during labour of caesarean birth mom smiling at dad before caesarean birth mom and dad smiling and holding hands before caesarean birth mom and dad ready for theater, dad checking his cellphone before caesarean birth of his baby family waiting in waiting room at hospital for the birth of their new baby family smiling in waiting room of hospital after receiving news that baby was born with caesarean delivery mom looking at infant after caesarean birth father hugging family after caesarean birth of babyfather hugging family in hospital waiting room after caesarean birth of baby grandmother and great grand mother touching newborn baby's feet after caesarean delivery dad and mom looking at newborn baby in hospital room after caesarean delivery family taking pictures of newborn baby in hospital room dad doing skin to skin in hospital dad doing skin to skin in hospital room while holding mom's hand newborn baby in hospital with matching headband and wrap newborn baby's wrinkled fingers newborn baby in hospital with matching headband and wrap Mom and dad smiling at camera in hospital after caesarean delivery of babyMom kissing newborn baby in hospital mom leaning onto dad while holding newborn baby in hospital


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