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“A mother  might give birth  to a child  but before that a child gives birth to a mother. “- Unknown.

Waiting on God to fulfil your desire to have a baby is one of the hardest things to do, I know, I’ve been there. When I met with Juanita to go over their birth plan and I realised she has also walked the road of waiting and praying, I was so honoured to be a part of their journey, being able to capture a small part of their testimony.

Juanita, I’m so glad you had the courage to share your story with others, not only by allowing me to share your images, but also in this heartfelt letter to your daughter.I know this will give hope to many and Karli will be touching people everywhere she goes …

“Karli… we waited for you. It felt like forever. We prayed, we waited, I cried, sometimes I got angry, other times we would just know… that one day you would be ours.

You sure took your time! I loved carrying you inside me, where I could protect you and where I knew you would be safe! But I also had the anticipation, like a little child waiting for her Birthday present. The doctor said that you would be here around the 25th of November. And we waited some more…  12 more days! Everyone was tired of waiting and everyone waiting for the phone to ring.

The morning you decided to change our lives, was the longest and the shortest 9 hours of my life! Daddy slept, well, like a baby. Mommy started contractions at around 3 on a Wednesday morning. Unsure of what it was, yet knowing you are on your way, I started getting ready to meet you! I messaged Sam, telling her I think its time, bearing in mind I told her this 2 weeks ago as well and we ended up waiting longer! I showered, I did my hair, I put some make-up on (because a girl can conquer the highest mountain with a little lipstick!) And at 6 that morning, I made daddy his coffee. Sam stayed in contact with me the entire time, wanting to meet me at the hospital. I was in denial of what was happening and telling her to stay put for now.

I had an appointment to see the dr at 10, but I knew I wasn’t going to make it! Daddy took me to the dr to check things out.. And then hearing those words I didn’t want to hear:

“You are now only 3 cm dilated, we are admitting you and will do induction if baby’s not here by tonight”! I cried…

I was scared and I knew the odds of me having a natural birth after getting induced was not good. I prayed and begged for God to step in and take over.

So off to the hospital we went, me sobbing and daddy stressing. Then, out of the blue…. two terrible cramps. In hospital I got checked again. Why I asked. Dr checked me 5 min ago. I’m 3cm dilated… No, you’re 4cm’s! Luckily Sam trusted her instincts and had just parked her car when daddy had phoned her to come. By the time your daddy got back from fetching our medical file, about 20min later, I was in active labour. 8cm dilated!

It happened so fast. There was no time for any pain medication. Just the way I wanted it. They wanted me to stop pushing, but I did not know how! I didn’t want to push, scared of what I know was coming, but at the same time yearning to meet you. And so I pushed. With every contraction, with every ounce of pain, I knew I was getting closer to holding you in my arms. Daddy was holding my hand, leaning over every now and again, to check on you. Then they saw it! Red hair! A lot of red hair. Before I could get around to the idea of you having red hair, you were laying in front of me. Pale like the hospital sheets with shocking red hair. You were the most beautiful human being I had ever laid eyes on.

And with you in my arms, 8 years of tears and heartache, turned into the sweetest reward I could have ever dreamt of.

You have taught me patience. To wait on God. Because His timing is perfect, and now I have found my favourite human <3

Oh the adventures you will have. The grazed knees, sticky hands from eating ice cream on the beach and giggles while flying kites with daddy.  And falling asleep after chasing butterflies in the garden. All these things await you.

I cannot wait for you to live life my little precious Karli. While you sleep in my arms it feels as if time melts away. 8 years feels like a fleeting moment. You where worth the wait, more than worth the wait. Never have I thought that this thing they call motherhood is such a sweet experience. No words can explain this feeling.

Everyone warned “You will never sleep a full six hours again, good luck, dirty nappies and screaming baby is now your new normal”. But no one warned me that I will never feel the same again, no one warned me that before I met you, I was walking around half a human! No one warned me about this feeling. The feeling that your heart is now living outside your ribcage! No one warned me –  a tiny little human being can stir so much love in you!

I must have done something terribly right! God created you so perfectly. From your ruby red hair, to your milky white skin. Ten toes, ten fingers and a button nose, every inch of you was created perfectly. I know you are the apple of His eye! And I know you will do great things!

Love your Mom”


“A mother might give birth to a child but before that a child gives birth to a mother.” – Unknown.


View Karli’s birth slideshow below 🙂



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