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At 19:55 I am trying to stall labour and Christel says that they will video call hubby because he won’t make it in time. I’m trying my best to not push… feeling the urge to bear down is uncontrollable. I don’t lift my head at all, concentrating and steadying myself with one hand on the bath floor.

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Birth | Alba Jones | Johannesburg Birth Photographer

There was no hesitation or fear, just sheer determination. And then Alba’s head came out. A few more big pushes, and shoulders and body followed. Alba’s face was looking up at us from under the water, and everything stood still. I was in a complete daze and just heard Karen say, “Take your baby, take your baby”. I lifted Alba out of the water and onto my chest.

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Birth | Elisa Muller | Pretoria Birth Photography

Elisa started crowning and the pain was unreal. I had oame face to face with the greatest fear I have ever experienced, the feeling that I couldn’t do it, that it wasn’t in me to push through one more contraction, to get this baby girl out. I remember crying and saying to Heinrich, “Ek kan nie, ek kan nie.”

Together with the midwives, Heinrich started speaking truth and courage over me. I remember calling out “Jesus!” at one of the very last contractions before Elisa made her appearance and then feeling an incredible sense of relief and victory the moment she popped out, hearing her behind me.

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Birth | Alexander’s Birth | Pretoria Birth Photographer

This is our story. Yours? Well I don’t know, but I truly hope that it is magical. That you will be strong and brave. That you will know that YOU are a birthing queen, regardless of the birth you have or the plans that you make, because life has a funny way of working out just right…

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Birth |10 Reasons to hire a birth photographer | Johannesburg and Pretoria Birth Photographer

There is a whole new world of memories that opens up to you, your partner, your family and your baby when investing in birth photography. Here are my top 10 reasons everyone should have a birth photographer.

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Birth | Welcoming Michané Duvenage | Pretoria Birth Photographer

“You gain strength, courage, and confidence by every experience in which you really stop to look fear in the face. You are able to say to yourself, ‘I lived through this. I can take the next thing that comes along.” – Eleanor Roosevelt
I never looked for a midwife or water birth, but I think God placed her right on my path. My heart needed this birth more than I knew. I wanted to deliver this baby naturally and I got just that.

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