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“Let choice whisper in your ear and love murmur in your heart. Be ready. Here comes life.” – Maya Angelou

The birth of your child – whether it’s your first pregnancy or your sixth, whether you choose natural or C-section, home birth or hospital – is a unique and special experience. It is a story you live with your child, your husband, your family. We don’t think twice about capturing other special moments on camera. Your little one’s first day at school, that first new tooth, their Matric dance. We want to remember these events. So why do we pale at the thought of capturing our child’s very first moments in this world?
Here are my top 10 reasons everyone should have a birth photographer.

1. Memories fade

This is true at the best of times, but even more so with a birth. The birthing process is packed with activity, it can be stressful, there is so much going on that you simply can’t process everything, nevermind remember.


2. Fathers should be in the photos not taking them

Traditionally the partner or husband took some quick snap shots of the birth or first moments, but expecting them to capture all the key moments, in a beautifully composed manner, without shaking, whilst in a complete state of euphoria upon meeting their child, is a tad unrealistic. Plus freeing them from ‘camera duty’ allows them to be more supportive and connect with the birth of their child –it is after all their story and experience as well.


3. Babies change within hours after birth

Your newborn will only look the way they did when first born for a very few hours. They start developing immediately. Don’t lose those first moments.


4. Avoid the gory details

Yes, birth can be gory, but professional photographers know how to skillfully hide the gory stuff while still capturing every moment.


5. Technical know-how

You have extreme light conditions from very sharp theatre light, to very low light in hospital rooms. Taking pictures in these conditions can be quite challenging, but a professional knows how to navigate these conditions. A good birth photographer (like a good wedding photographer) is able to detach enough to get the best shots, but has enough concern for you and your family not to derail events for their pictures.


6. Capturing unique emotions

There really is nothing like giving birth. The emotions cannot be compared to anything else. Your husband’s soft kiss on your forehead as he supports you; the look of sheer determination on your wife’s face as she gives that final push; and yes, the first time you get to hold your new baby in your arms.


7. Capturing the things you miss

There are all kinds of events happening while you’re busy helping your baby into the world. Families anxiously awaiting your child’s arrival, for example, is something you will only get to experience through photos.


8. Anticipating photo ops

Birth photographers know the flow of birth and can therefor anticipate certain photo opportunities that might arise, where a family member may be taken by surprise. A birth photographer likely also has excellent relationships with your birthing team, and has a feel for how they operate, which makes the process of getting the perfect shot so much easier.


9. Birth photos help you heal

When a birth plan does not go according to plan, birth photos can help in the healing process by allowing you to piece the timeline together.


10. Birth photos give you a fresh perspective.

During labour you are inwardly focused and looking at your birth images can give you a whole different perspective. You get to experience the birth of your child again, from the calm space outside the day’s events.


There is a whole new world of memories that opens up to you, your partner, your family and your baby when investing in birth photography. But if you still have doubts, let me know. I’m pretty sure I can help you out.

Sam xo


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Birth | Milan Truter | Pretoria Caesarean Birth Photographer

Birth | Milan Truter | Pretoria Caesarean Birth Photographer

“Birth is supposed to be a private event a special intimate feeling. I assured him that Sam is super professional, a beautiful curtain taking pictures.” One moment we were two and the next moment a baby cried and we turned into tree. No not magic but a miracle.

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