Wedding | Pelser & Jana

[quote] “I never loved you any more than I do, right this second. And I’ll never love you any less than I do, right this second.” – Beautiful Creatures by Kami Garcia, Margaret Stohl[/quote]

A beautiful farm wedding with the reception on Pelser’s parents wheat farm in Brits. Everything was but together gorgeously and the reception “store” even had a John Deer tractor in the back just to give you that extra farm feeling.

We were so worried about the rain. It rained for 2 days straight and no sign of any sunshine soon. We all said a little prayer, not for the rain to go away, as the farmers so desperately needed it, just for the rain to give us a few moments, and the rain stopped just as Jana got to church and started again just as we were finishing up with the couples pictures. Everything worked out just perfectly as these pictures tell their own story…



SSP150905 Pelser & Jana-3 SSP150905 Pelser & Jana-4 SSP150905 Pelser & Jana-6 SSP150905 Pelser & Jana-9 SSP150905 Pelser & Jana-15 SSP150905 Pelser & Jana-19 SSP150905 Pelser & Jana-29 SSP150905 Pelser & Jana-31 SSP150905 Pelser & Jana-35 SSP150905 Pelser & Jana-39 SSP150905 Pelser & Jana-45 SSP150905 Pelser & Jana-48 SSP150905 Pelser & Jana-53 SSP150905 Pelser & Jana-59 SSP150905 Pelser & Jana-69 SSP150905 Pelser & Jana-81 SSP150905 Pelser & Jana-92 SSP150905 Pelser & Jana-105 SSP150905 Pelser & Jana-108 SSP150905 Pelser & Jana-118 SSP150905 Pelser & Jana-127 SSP150905 Pelser & Jana-129 SSP150905 Pelser & Jana-137 SSP150905 Pelser & Jana-150 SSP150905 Pelser & Jana-223 SSP150905 Pelser & Jana-232 SSP150905 Pelser & Jana-239 SSP150905 Pelser & Jana-247 SSP150905 Pelser & Jana-253 SSP150905 Pelser & Jana-257 SSP150905 Pelser & Jana-263 SSP150905 Pelser & Jana-267 SSP150905 Pelser & Jana-278 SSP150905 Pelser & Jana-280 SSP150905 Pelser & Jana-287 SSP150905 Pelser & Jana-293 SSP150905 Pelser & Jana-296

Wedding | Theuns & Rika


[quote]”“Love lets you find those hidden places in another person, even the ones they didn’t know were there, even the ones they wouldn’t have thought to call beautiful themselves.” [/quote]

I feel like these 2 have found those little hidden places in each other. They just thoroughly enjoy each other, their lives together and life in general. The wedding reflected who they are as a couple, there where lots of laughs, joy and happiness all around. They danced with each other, family and friends hugged and laughed with them and it was just a awesomely joyful event at L’Aquila in Pretoria

Guys keep doing what your doing, it’s working and it shows.




Wedding | Jan and Tanya’s bushveld wedding

[quote]” May your mornings bring joy and your evenings bring peace.

May your troubles grow few as your blessings increase.

May the saddest day of your future

Be no worse than the happiest day of your past.

May your hands be forever clasped in friendship

And your hearts joined forever in love.

Your lives are very special,

God has touched you in many ways.

May his blessings rest upon you

And fill all your coming days.  [/quote]

A beautiful bushveld wedding at Sumba’s Rest Game Lodge in Nylstroom. What a beautiful romantic affair. Tanya, your attention to detail was gorgeous.




SSPJT141101-12 SSPJT141101-13 SSPJT141101-16 SSPJT141101-22 SSPJT141101-23 SSPJT141101-29 SSPJT141101-34 SSPJT141101-35 SSPJT141101-40 SSPJT141101-42 SSPJT141101-46 SSPJT141101-49 SSPJT141101-50 SSPJT141101-51 SSPJT141101-53 SSPJT141101-64 SSPJT141101-68 SSPJT141101-85 SSPJT141101-89 SSPJT141101-100 SSPJT141101-101 SSPJT141101-105 SSPJT141101-106 SSPJT141101-110 SSPJT141101-115 SSPJT141101-117 SSPJT141101-119 SSPJT141101-128 SSPJT141101-143 SSPJT141101-145 SSPJT141101-147 SSPJT141101-151 SSPJT141101-158 SSPJT141101-159 SSPJT141101-165 SSPJT141101-183 SSPJT141101-184 SSPJT141101-188 SSPJT141101-191 SSPJT141101-199 SSPJT141101-207 SSPJT141101-208 SSPJT141101-214 SSPJT141101-220 SSPJT141101-222 SSPJT141101-231 SSPJT141101-239 SSPJT141101-243 SSPJT141101-344 SSPJT141101-350 SSPJT141101-355 SSPJT141101-367 SSPJT141101-378 SSPJT141101-380 SSPJT141101-384 SSPJT141101-388 SSPJT141101-393 SSPJT141101-394 SSPJT141101-401 SSPJT141101-406 SSPJT141101-408 SSPJT141101-412 SSPJT141101-416 SSPJT141101-419 SSPJT141101-420 SSPJT141101-425 SSPJT141101-433 SSPJT141101-437

Engagement | Theuns en Rika

[quote] “We’ve danced in the risk of each other. Would you like to dance around the world with me?”- Dave Matthews Band[/quote]

An engagement session with the most beautiful winter light and I’m so excited to share these images with you.  Light was perfect, couple was stunning, venue was awesome and the photographer had a blast 😉 no wonder these images are so pretty!!! And of course these two will most certainly be happy dancing around the world with each other and I can not wait to witness the start of this magical ever lasting song when they get married in December.

Rika & Theuns good luck with the last of your wedding preparations, may everything be smooth sailing, hey and if it’s not, at least you got each other 😉


SS140726-22 SS140726-23 SS140726-25 SS140726-27 SS140726-29 SS140726-32 SS140726-36 SS140726-38 SS140726-40 SS140726-45 SS140726-46 SS140726-49 SS140726-55 SS140726-57 SS140726-66 SS140726-68 SS140726-72 SS140726-78 SS140726-82 SS140726-85 SS140726-88







Wedding | Gerhard & Nachy

[quote]”I love it when you run your fingers through my rugged hair,
I love it when you get jealous because other boys will stare,
I love it when you call me beautiful and compliment me so,
I love it when you seem so confused as if you don’t know,
I love the way you stare at me and look into my eyes,
My heart gets so heavy and deep that all the time just flies,
I love the way you kiss me so gentle you lips so calm,
I love the way you hold my hand and rub your fingers against my palm,
I love it when you wrap your arms around me the way that I felt,
When you stare me down and hug me tight I just want to melt,
I love your beautiful smile every time I see it I want to faint,
Your laugh is so soothing it heals me like you’re a saint,
I love the way you whisper to me when someone is nearby,
I love it when you say sweet things that make me want to cry,
I love the way you look at me with that cute little puppy face,
It seems as if you are so sad or simply out of place,
I love the way you are so confident in everything you do,
But most of all out of everything I love you for being you!” – Unknown [/quote]

I still can’t believe my baby brother got married!! To me it was and still is very emotional and some parts I cried so much I had to put the camera down for just a second. Being 8 years younger than I, he, in my eyes will never be grown up and will forever be one of the ‘Kleintjies’.

The wedding at Villa Paradiso in Hartbeespoort, was filled with some tears, lots of laughter, some nervous giggles but plenty of love. While dressing the bride,  which by the way looked exquisite, we had a serious wardrobe failure with the dress zipper being stuck at the top of the dress and it opening up all the way to the bottom as well as a very sticky situation was sorted with some duck tape 😉

Nachy looked stunning walking down the isle and Gerhard could not keep his eyes of her. The ceremony was brought to a halt by a burst of laughter when my hair caught fire on a candle and the whole church were filled with the smell of burnt hair but all ended well and we managed to get to the “I do” part filled with giggles.

One thing is certain, the love these two share is fairy tale like. I pray over them a happily ever after as in every fairy tale. I pray that they are blessed and that they will stay strong in their love for each other as long as they live.

Gerhard & Nachy, love you both to bits, I can’t wait to share your journey with you. Keep loving each other and keep putting your faith in God and you’ll be okay.

SSNB1413B_0001 SSNB1413B_0002 SSNB1413B_0003 SSNB1413B_0004 SSNB1413B_0005 SSNB1413B_0006 SSNB1413B_0007 SSNB1413B_0008 SSNB1413B_0009 SSNB1413B_0010 SSNB1413B_0011 SSNB1413B_0012 SSNB1413B_0013 SSNB1413B_0014 SSNB1413B_0015 SSNB1413B_0016 SSNB1413B_0017 SSNB1413B_0018 SSNB1413B_0019 SSNB1413B_0020 SSNB1413B_0021 SSNB1413B_0022 SSNB1413B_0023 SSNB1413B_0024 SSNB1413B_0025 SSNB1413B_0026 SSNB1413B_0027 SSNB1413B_0028 SSNB1413B_0029 SSNB1413B_0030 SSNB1413B_0031 SSNB1413B_0032 SSNB1413B_0033 SSNB1413B_0034 SSNB1413B_0035 SSNB1413B_0036 SSNB1413B_0037 SSNB1413B_0038 SSNB1413B_0039 SSNB1413B_0040 SSNB1413B_0041 SSNB1413B_0042 SSNB1413B_0043 SSNB1413B_0044 SSNB1413B_0045 SSNB1413B_0046 SSNB1413B_0047 SSNB1413B_0048 SSNB1413B_0049 SSNB1413B_0050 SSNB1413B_0051 SSNB1413B_0052 SSNB1413B_0053 SSNB1413B_0054 SSNB1413B_0055 SSNB1413B_0056 SSNB1413B_0057 SSNB1413B_0058 SSNB1413B_0059 SSNB1413B_0060 SSNB1413B_0061 SSNB1413B_0062 SSNB1413B_0063 SSNB1413B_0064 SSNB1413B_0065 SSNB1413B_0066 SSNB1413B_0067 SSNB1413B_0068 SSNB1413B_0069 SSNB1413B_0070 SSNB1413B_0071 SSNB1413B_0072 SSNB1413B_0073 SSNB1413B_0074 SSNB1413B_0075 SSNB1413B_0076 SSNB1413B_0077 SSNB1413B_0078 SSNB1413B_0079 SSNB1413B_0080 SSNB1413B_0081 SSNB1413B_0082 SSNB1413B_0083 SSNB1413B_0084 SSNB1413B_0085 SSNB1413B_0086 SSNB1413B_0087 SSNB1413B_0088 SSNB1413B_0089 SSNB1413B_0090 SSNB1413B_0091 SSNB1413B_0092 SSNB1413B_0093 SSNB1413B_0094 SSNB1413B_0095 SSNB1413B_0096 SSNB1413B_0097 SSNB1413B_0098 SSNB1413B_0099 SSNB1413B_0100 SSNB1413B_0101 SSNB1413B_0102 SSNB1413B_0103 SSNB1413B_0104 SSNB1413B_0105 SSNB1413B_0106 SSNB1413B_0108 SSNB1413B_0109 SSNB1413B_0110 SSNB1413B_0111 SSNB1413B_0112 SSNB1413B_0113 SSNB1413B_0114 SSNB1413B_0115

Lots of love






Wedding | Riaan & Marlè

[quote]“Soul mates…two halves of the same soul joining together in life’s journey”[/quote]

It’s been 2 years already, happy 2nd anniversary Marlè & Riaan!

Seeing that this blog was not running 2 years ago, I decided to share their pretty wedding at Summerfields Rose Retreat in Hazyview, from 2 years ago, as a special anniversary gift.

Everything from the flowers at the ceremony thorough to the thank you gifts on the table were made by the couple and their friends and family. Everything complimented the stunning, stunning venue. They had their ceremony on the banks of the river under a very romantic, beautifully draped canopy. This whole wedding was filled with love and laughter and it was such an honor to be a part of this and getting to be the one to capture it all.
Marlè & Riaan, you are still one of my favorite couples and I’m still totally in love with your wedding. May you be blessed in your marriage with years of happiness & love.

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