Wedding | Gerhard & Nachy

“I love it when you run your fingers through my rugged hair, I love it when you get jealous because other boys will stare, I love it when you call me beautiful and compliment me so, I love it when you seem so confused as if you don’t know, I love the way you stare at me and look into my eyes, My heart gets so heavy and deep that all the time just flies, I love the way you kiss me so gentle you lips so calm, I love the way you hold my hand and rub your fingers against my palm, I love it when you wrap your arms around me the way that I felt, When you stare me down and hug me tight I just want to melt, I love your beautiful smile every time I see it I want to faint, Your laugh is so soothing it heals me like you’re a saint, I love the way you whisper to me when someone is nearby, I love it when you say sweet things that make me want to cry, I love the way you look at me with that cute little puppy face, It seems as if you are so sad or simply out of place, I love the way you are so confident in everything you do, But most of all out of everything I love you for being you!” – Unknown

I still can’t believe my baby brother got married!! To me it was and still is very emotional and some parts I cried so much I had to put the camera down for just a second. Being 8 years younger than I, he, in my eyes will never be grown up and will forever be one of the ‘Kleintjies’.

The wedding at Villa Paradiso in Hartbeespoort, was filled with some tears, lots of laughter, some nervous giggles but plenty of love. While dressing the bride,  which by the way looked exquisite, we had a serious wardrobe failure with the dress zipper being stuck at the top of the dress and it opening up all the way to the bottom as well as a very sticky situation was sorted with some duck tape 😉

Nachy looked stunning walking down the isle and Gerhard could not keep his eyes of her. The ceremony was brought to a halt by a burst of laughter when my hair caught fire on a candle and the whole church were filled with the smell of burnt hair but all ended well and we managed to get to the “I do” part filled with giggles.

One thing is certain, the love these two share is fairy tale like. I pray over them a happily ever after as in every fairy tale. I pray that they are blessed and that they will stay strong in their love for each other as long as they live.

Gerhard & Nachy, love you both to bits, I can’t wait to share your journey with you. Keep loving each other and keep putting your faith in God and you’ll be okay.

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Lots of love







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