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 "Little boys leave smudges on your heart." -- Art Moms


I can not believe how much this little guy has grown and that he is 6months already! I first met him at his birth :) which was totally awesome and as every birth a life changing moment. (If you have missed the post on his birth click here) He just walked right into my heart with those Sticky Fudge Jeans and have you seen those shoes?!!!!

Yvette and Dan you make a gorgeous family! Keep doing whatever it is you are doing. It's magical and it's evident in these pictures. Treasure those hugs and kisses from little Burger and enjoy those smudges in your heart. He left his little smudges all over mine and I can not wait to play with him again!


SSP151207 - V Schalkwyk Family-11 SSP151207 - V Schalkwyk Family-30 SSP151207 - V Schalkwyk Family-31 SSP151207 - V Schalkwyk Family-38 SSP151207 - V Schalkwyk Family-54 SSP151207 - V Schalkwyk Family-61 SSP151207 - V Schalkwyk Family-74 SSP151207 - V Schalkwyk Family-88 SSP151207 - V Schalkwyk Family-94 SSP151207 - V Schalkwyk Family-100 SSP151207 - V Schalkwyk Family-105 SSP151207 - V Schalkwyk Family-115 SSP151207 - V Schalkwyk Family-121 SSP151207 - V Schalkwyk Family-128 SSP151207 - V Schalkwyk Family-135 SSP151207 - V Schalkwyk Family-150 SSP151207 - V Schalkwyk Family-158


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