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“Laughter is the sound of the soul dancing” – Jarod Kintz

Looking through this lifestyle family session of souls dancing, you can’t help but smile!

Elizabeth & Terence are particularly special to me. I’ve known Elizabeth for 20 years! Yes 20 and NO we are not old yet! We met when we were 14 years old and have been friends ever since!

Terence has always been the quieter one of the two, which I guess gives balance to his crazy wife and is a perfect fit as a Data Steward Manager. Having a specific role in incorporating processes, policies, guidelines and responsibilities for administering organizations’ entire data in compliance with policy and/or regulatory obligations, is an incredibly demanding job. With an average of 14 hour days 6-7 days each week, seeing and spending quality time with his family is a commodity for this IT Specialist.

Elizabeth holds down the world around them and not only juggles her own full time job but also her very successful Beauty Salon. Up by 4 a.m. everyday, she works and juggles kids activities. Despite their demanding schedules and the ever elusive way time seems to fly, they make the most of every single moment they have together. When family time is a commodity, soaking up the moments is all the more of a priority.

Elizabeth is a goofball. She and Hailey are two peas in a pod. Megan is the athlete of the family and are doing incredibly well in every single thing she competes in.

When we chatted about their lifestyle family portraits we knew we wanted to capture a piece of their real life – those private moments of family silliness when they are just having fun! I wanted to create a photo session environment that was comfortable and casual to allow their personalities to truly shine through. And that’s exactly what we got when we visited the theme park!

Often times my clients call my lifestyle family sessions ‘play sessions’ which I find quite amusing! And quite honestly, this session is by far one of my favourite portrayals of the candid style of photography I enjoy. I want to capture art, gorgeously painted with my clients laughter and giggles.

So we rode the carousel and jumped, we danced and turned upside down to capture the real personalities of The Keys Family. Megan is at that age that little girls love to “POSE” for the camera, getting those real smiles becomes a lot more difficult, but we managed a few 😉 Hailey on the other hand could not care less, she just wanted to have fun on the rides. We made a deal that if she had some fun with me on camera first, she could have a blue Slushy and her ‘OWN’ bag of popcorn! That seem to do the trick and we had plenty of fun on and off camera!

It’s these moments that we want our kids to see decades from now so that they KNOW they were truly loved and adored!



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