Newborn | Baby Nelia Part 1

"First we had each other, then we had you, now we have EVERYTHING" - Unknown

Little Miss Nelia surprised her mommy and daddy with a week or two. She was a sleeping beauty when I met her and I totally fell in love with this fair haired princess. At first she was very inquisitive but soon fell pray to her sleepiness and 'slept like a baby' the entire session.

We've got another session planned this week and I can not wait to meet up again with this sleeping beauty and her gorgeous mama....

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Birth | Gertjan Holtzhausen

Birth | Gertjan Holtzhausen

Sometimes a mother is lucky. Sometimes, despite doubts and minor setbacks, the birth goes smoothly – almost exactly as planned. So it was when the Holtzhausen family welcomed Gertjan into the world, their second child, and second unicorn birth. With Gran, Aunt and Big Sis standing by to meet him, and Dad lending a well-practiced hand, as he had with their firstborn, Gertjan’s birth was a truly special family moment.

Maternity | Linda and Dietmar Bhömer

Maternity | Linda and Dietmar Bhömer

“Beauty is how you feel inside and it reflects in your eyes…” – Sophia Loren
This maternity session gave me all the feels. I loved the couple, this is my second bump to baby journey with them, I loved the dress, I loved the venue and I love every single image! Have you ever heard the saying; “You are glowing”


072 545 0284

#birthisbeautiful  #findthelight