Ngwedi’s Surprising Debut: Navigating the Unforeseen Turns of Birth

“The mystery of life and its profound beauty unfold in the unpredictability of childbirth, where every twist in the journey adds a unique thread to the fabric of our existence.” – Anita Diamant

The birth of little Ngwedi kept me on edge. While I had heard that childbirth can bring sudden changes, experiencing it firsthand during Ngwedi’s birth was entirely new to me. We were in the midst of preparing for a Cesarean section, with the theater staff poised and ready. Just as the pediatrician arrived to introduce herself, Ngwedi made her debut earthside. Explore her mom’s narrative to understand the rapid shift in events during her daughter’s birth.

Anticipating October: The Long-Awaited Arrival of My Baby Girl

It feels like so long ago, but it was only in October that I was eagerly anticipating the birth of my baby girl. The wait became a bit prolonged, as my princess decided she was not ready to make her debut just yet.

From Anticipation to Action: A Swift Response to the Call of Labor

After a membrane sweep, the signs were clear—it was time. Rushing home to prepare, my husband and I knew that the much-awaited moment was finally approaching. By 12 PM, the contractions were intensifying, prompting my midwife’s advice to come in. Sam, my birth photographer and constant support, was kept informed throughout.

Navigating Labor: A Journey to the Birthing Centre

Arriving at the birthing centre just after 2 PM, the pains were becoming more regular. My midwife had a strategy—making me walk around and climb stairs, bearing down with each contraction. The plan was a water birth, so eventually, I requested to immerse myself in the water. Surprisingly, the water brought relief, and I regained a sense of control.

Unexpected Challenges: The Twist in the Birth Plan

Despite the increasing intensity of the contractions, progress seemed slower than expected. An examination revealed I was only 6cm dilated, not the 10cm I had imagined. The labor pains, once a source of hope, now induced a sense of desperation. In my distress, I even considered a caesarean, but my birthing team’s unwavering support kept me grounded.

Sam’s Dual Role: Birth Photographer and Doula Support

Amidst the challenging moments, Sam played a crucial role—capturing the journey as my birth photographer and providing the encouragement of a doula. Her reassurance that I could endure the pain and stick to the original plan made a significant difference.

A Grand Entrance: Princess’s Arrival Amidst Caesarean Preparations

As if on cue, just as the caesarean team was getting ready, my little princess decided to make her grand entrance. The overwhelming joy and tears of happiness flowed as I welcomed my second child into the world. Indeed, no two births are the same, but both are profound, out-of-body experiences that I wouldn’t trade for anything in the world.

Cherishing the Unique Birth Experience

In reflecting on the twists and turns of my daughter’s birth, I’m reminded that each childbirth is a unique and unforgettable experience. Despite the challenges, the support of my birthing team and the presence of Sam made it a journey filled with joy and ultimately resulted in the arrival of my precious baby girl.


A compassionate midwife attentively listens to the heartbeat of an infant during labor. The expectant mother is lying on a comfortable bed, surrounded by a supportive and caring environment A dedicated midwife and compassionate doula provide unwavering support to a laboring mother. The mother is on a bed, receiving a soothing hip massage from the doula, while the midwife attentively monitors and checks vital signs, ensuring a nurturing and attentive birthing environment. A supportive father stands by the side of a laboring mother, gently holding her elbow as she lies in bed during labor. The tender gesture reflects the emotional and physical support provided by the partner during this intimate and significant moment A heartwarming scene as a proud father and attentive midwife share a moment of joy and wonder, looking at a newborn baby nestled on the mother for skin-to-skin contact. The umbilical cord is still attached, symbolizing the immediate connection between parent and child in the precious moments after birth. A beautiful moment captured as a newborn baby experiences their first latch, breastfeeding shortly after birth. The infant's tiny hands and the supportive embrace of the mother create a heartwarming scene, highlighting the special bond formed during this early nursing encounter. A heartwarming scene of a newborn baby having skin-to-skin contact with their father. The tender moment captures the intimacy and connection as the father cradles the baby against his chest, fostering a bond that goes beyond words in the early moments of life. A close-up view capturing the delicate fingers of a newborn baby positioned near its tiny ear, showcasing the intricate details of a new life in its early moments. The image evokes a sense of tenderness and the fragility of infancy A precious moment captured as a newborn, wrapped in a cozy towel, instinctively tries to suck on its tiny fists just moments after birth. The image radiates the natural and endearing behaviors of a newborn as they explore and engage with their surroundings for the first time. A close-up of a newborn's adorable face, captured in the tender moment of being weighed shortly after birth. The image highlights the delicate features and expressions of the infant, experiencing the first interactions with the world outside the womb.A newborn baby peacefully lying down while a healthcare professional gently measures its head circumference with a measuring tape. This image illustrates the routine and careful monitoring of a crucial developmental metric in the early stages of an infant's life A tender moment captured as a midwife delicately holds a newborn's tiny foot in her hands while measuring the length of the baby shortly after birth. The image reflects the careful attention given to assessing and recording key measurements to ensure the infant's healthy development.


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I started losing ‘the head game’ as the pain in my back became very overwhelming and I started vomiting. If it hadn’t been for Sam who came as birth photographer but jumped in as doula to direct my husband, I think my husband would have run away at this point.