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“Life reveals her beauty one precious miracle at a time”. – Flavia

I loved dressing my kids when they still allowed me, my style for them was a perfect mix of bohemian chic and preppy cute. They fitted right in with this vision I had of what my life as a mom would look like. It involved a home straight out of a design magazine, with hip furnishings and educational toys. Long walks on beaches and picnics under oak trees…. Pinterest Perfect!


As it turns out, they have their own opinions on everything, from clothing to food to home décor.  My children seem to be instinctively drawn to mismatched clothing and clashing prints.  Unfortunately for me, their fashion taste rarely meshes with mine….

As perfectly imperfect as it may sound, I had to surrender my vision of what my life as a mom would look like. Not only do my home rarely look anything like the interiors from a design magazine but very rarely do we have the perfect picnic and long strolls on the beach. It’s often much more like a scene from a Disney cartoon with me trying to get the girls down from branches in that perfect oak tree or running after them into the ocean. So surrendering my choice of clothing for them was one of the easier ones, but that also means that if they want to wear rain boots with fairy wings and swimming costumes then we go with it.

This specific day it my youngest decided on leggings and her swimming costume….. I was both horrified and cracking up about this perfectly mismatched outfit!

How do you manage clothing battles with your kids?


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