Birth | Baby Aliyah Cristina Mansinho

"Whenever there is happiness, Hope you'll be there too, Wherever there are friendly smiles, Hope they'll smile on you, Whenever there is sunshine, Hope it shine especially for you to make each day, for you as bright as it can be..." - Unknown

Meet little Aliyah, what a beautiful name, almost as beautiful as the little one carrying it. She was born on a warm winters morning in July. Her family waited in anticipation for this little one's arrival and I have never seen such a packed "Father's Lounge". Celebrating her arrival with campaign, lots of laughter, hugs and cuddles.  My guess is she will be forever "packed" with love and surrounded by family and loved ones.

To view the beautiful birth video just Click on this link Birth Aliyah video or watch on YouTube here
Enjoy your princess....


SSP150706 Birth Aliyha-1 SSP150706 Birth Aliyha-4 SSP150706 Birth Aliyha-5 SSP150706 Birth Aliyha-10 SSP150706 Birth Aliyha-13 SSP150706 Birth Aliyha-14 SSP150706 Birth Aliyha-18 SSP150706 Birth Aliyha-22 SSP150706 Birth Aliyha-24 SSP150706 Birth Aliyha-33 SSP150706 Birth Aliyha-35 SSP150706 Birth Aliyha-51 SSP150706 Birth Aliyha-54 SSP150706 Birth Aliyha-57 SSP150706 Birth Aliyha-67 SSP150706 Birth Aliyha-73 SSP150706 Birth Aliyha-91 SSP150706 Birth Aliyha-96 SSP150706 Birth Aliyha-101 SSP150706 Birth Aliyha-106 SSP150706 Birth Aliyha-107 SSP150706 Birth Aliyha-145 SSP150706 Birth Aliyha-161 SSP150706 Birth Aliyha-163 SSP150706 Birth Aliyha-173 SSP150706 Birth Aliyha-191 SSP150706 Birth Aliyha-193 SSP150706 Birth Aliyha-195 SSP150706 Birth Aliyha-196 SSP150706 Birth Aliyha-197



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