Newborn | Baby sister Olivia

“In the cookies of life, sisters are the chocolate chips..” – Unknown

I met Marissa & Johan a few years ago for Big Brother Johan’s first pictures. We did a couple of sessions along the way but now it’s little miss Olivia making her debut. Of course a new baby sister means having a super hero big brother hanging around. You will notice in some of the pictures even the lady with the camera is under a watchful eye. 🙂

Marissa & Johan, your family is beautiful and I love being able to see and capture how they grow. Enjoy life’s cookies and especially the chocolate chips and super hero’s……



SSP150610 Olivia Newborn-1 SSP150610 Olivia Newborn-15 SSP150610 Olivia Newborn-17 SSP150610 Olivia Newborn-26 SSP150610 Olivia Newborn-27 SSP150610 Olivia Newborn-38 SSP150610 Olivia Newborn-46 SSP150610 Olivia Newborn-47 SSP150610 Olivia Newborn-68 SSP150610 Olivia Newborn-84 SSP150610 Olivia Newborn-87 SSP150610 Olivia Newborn-91 SSP150610 Olivia Newborn-93 SSP150610 Olivia Newborn-103 SSP150610 Olivia Newborn-105 SSP150610 Olivia Newborn-109 SSP150610 Olivia Newborn-115 SSP150610 Olivia Newborn-138 SSP150610 Olivia Newborn-141 SSP150610 Olivia Newborn-145 SSP150610 Olivia Newborn-152 SSP150610 Olivia Newborn-156 SSP150610 Olivia Newborn-162 SSP150610 Olivia Newborn-171 SSP150610 Olivia Newborn-173




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Birth | Mighael van Niekerk | Pretoria Birth Photographer

“I have been delaying writing my birth story. It has taken me a while to process the events from that day, and the days and few weeks following, and to be okay with not writing a ‘perfect’ story with perfect English. I truly hope that being real about the latter, and that which follows, will make at least one other mom out there, facing a similar experience, feel less alone in having had a ‘good but not perfect’ birth

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I have had the privilege to work with many wonderful doulas and I would like to say thank you! Thank you not only for your servant heart but also for what you are doing for woman. In a place of vulnerability you aid us in being strong, in a place of insecurities you reassure, in a place of fear you speak hope!


#birthisbeautiful  #findthelight

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