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 "The love in our family grows strong and deep leaving special moments to treasure and keep" - Unknown  

I've known Corne for sometime and always when we talk family sessions, her answer would be soon. Well finally soon is here and all this friend of mine wanted for her birthday was a extended family shoot.

We had a ball capturing all the different family dynamics and I could definitely see "The love in our family grows strong and deep leaving special moments to treasure and keep"

Cornè enjoy your moments and treasure the special family you have.


SSP151114 - Corne Family-3 SSP151114 - Corne Family-4 SSP151114 - Corne Family-9 SSP151114 - Corne Family-16 SSP151114 - Corne Family-18 SSP151114 - Corne Family-23 SSP151114 - Corne Family-33 SSP151114 - Corne Family-49 SSP151114 - Corne Family-56 SSP151114 - Corne Family-65 SSP151114 - Corne Family-71 SSP151114 - Corne Family-75 SSP151114 - Corne Family-82 SSP151114 - Corne Family-86 SSP151114 - Corne Family-102






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Maternity | Linda and Dietmar Bhömer

Maternity | Linda and Dietmar Bhömer

“Beauty is how you feel inside and it reflects in your eyes…” – Sophia Loren
This maternity session gave me all the feels. I loved the couple, this is my second bump to baby journey with them, I loved the dress, I loved the venue and I love every single image! Have you ever heard the saying; “You are glowing”

Birth | Cara vd Walt

Birth | Cara vd Walt

“You never know how strong you are, until being strong is your only choice.” – Bob Marley
Birth almost never go according to plan. Leanne had a totally different plan for her daughters birth but unlike my previous post her birth didn’t change . . .


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#birthisbeautiful  #findthelight