Newborn | Hanrè

"A happy baby has shining eyes. It walks open hearted into the world and spreads magic" - Sigrid Leo

Meet smiling Hanrè,  he's only 8 days old but already smiles like a pro and he's got the most adorable dimple I have ever seen.

Hanrè has definitely got shining eyes to go with those little smiles and if I look at the magic he has already spread in his home, this smiling buddy is destined for big things!

Boshoff's enjoy your newest edition and may he keep on spreading magic in your home and hearts


SSP151101 Hanrè Newborn-6 SSP151101 Hanrè Newborn-10 SSP151101 Hanrè Newborn-16 SSP151101 Hanrè Newborn-21 SSP151101 Hanrè Newborn-28 SSP151101 Hanrè Newborn-44 SSP151101 Hanrè Newborn-47 SSP151101 Hanrè Newborn-49 SSP151101 Hanrè Newborn-53 SSP151101 Hanrè Newborn-56 SSP151101 Hanrè Newborn-64 SSP151101 Hanrè Newborn-67 SSP151101 Hanrè Newborn-73 SSP151101 Hanrè Newborn-83 SSP151101 Hanrè Newborn-86 SSP151101 Hanrè Newborn-87 SSP151101 Hanrè Newborn-99 SSP151101 Hanrè Newborn-106 SSP151101 Hanrè Newborn-115 SSP151101 Hanrè Newborn-120


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